MEN: Finn Harding and Malik Delgaty bottom for the first time in “Double Top To Bottom”

It’s been a while since released a “Top To Bottom” scene. The waiting was definitely worth it though, cause Finn Harding and Malik Delgaty both bottom for the first time in “Double Top To Bottom“.

The two bottoming debuts you’ve been waiting for, all at once! Malik Delgaty loves when his girlfriend brings home guys for him to sneakily fuck, and today she picks up hot jogger Finn.

Finn Harding is shocked when he finds himself getting railed not by a sexy babe with a strap-on but by a muscle hunk… and he loves it!

When Finn cums, he wants more, and Malik decides he wants to finally get fucked by another man. He rides that dick hard before cumming all over his own face in piledriver. These are two first times to enjoy again and again.

It’s a 2-part release: Finn Harding’s bottoming debut comes out on November 24 and Malik Delgaty’s first time as a bottom will be released on November 25.


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“Top To Bottom: Finn Harding”

Malik Delgaty and his girlfriend have a naughty hobby: bringing home straight guys for him to fuck! Today, she lures jogger Finn Harding home with the promise of a blowjob.

Finn doesn’t realize Malik is watching and jacking off from the closet as she tongues his hole. Finn thinks he’s about to get pegged, but actually it’s Malik sliding his hard man meat into the bottom’s ass, and Finn loves every inch!

After he discovers the truth, the bottom gets fucked in spoon position, and Malik even shows him how to take it in piledriver. Finn orgasms as he gets penetrated in missionary, and Malik pulls out and cums before going back into the closet!

Watch Finn Harding’s bottoming debut




“Top To Bottom: Malik Delgaty”

Finn Harding liked getting his ass fucked by another man so much, he wants more! At first, Malik Delgaty is hesitant about kissing another dude… but then he decides to jump in with both cheeks, telling Finn he’s ready to get fucked.

The eager new top licks Malik’s tight hole and eases his thumb inside, then penetrates the virgin asshole in doggy-style. Malik loves taking dick so much, he rides Finn hard, then gets railed from behind as the top spoons him.

This first-time bottom isn’t done yet, even getting dicked down in piledriver till he finds out how intense his orgasm can be as he cums all over his own face, and Finn blows a big load on Malik’s ass. Not bad for a first time!

Watch Malik Delgaty bottom for the first time



Watch Finn Harding & Malik Delgaty bottom for the first time



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