Hi there! My name is Dennis John and I am the guy behind the Queer Fever gay porn blog. For those of you who are interested, here’s a little bit of info about myself, the guys who help me, and this website.


How things started

Ever since early 2005, I have been working within the adult industry as a freelancer. I used to work as a marketeer, model manager, content writer and porn site reviewer for various brands and adult entertainment companies.

Nowadays, I devote the majority of my time to this blog. I started Queer Fever a couple of years ago in order to provide fellow porn fans with high-quality previews and reliable information – and at the same time – show people what is out there.


From Holland with Love

There are two amazing guys (David and Mike), who help me to keep Queer Fever running.

All three of us are from The Netherlands (or Holland if you like). The love for porn has brought us together. I feel blessed to have them in my life as friends and I am thankful for everything they contribute to this blog.

As porn fans, we keep an eye on the world of (online) gay porn. Through our daily updates, we aim to show you what’s out there and inform you about upcoming gay porn scenes.

Queer Fever focuses on the porn, the studios and all of the hot men who continue to entertain us with their videos. This blog is free from drama and gossip. Aren’t we all just here to watch porn and get off?


We’d love to hear from you

In case you have a question or need advice about something gay porn related, please feel free to reach out to us. You’re also welcome to send us your complaints, tips or recommendations. Please us this contact form to get in touch.


Commissions on sales

While it is a lot of fun, blogging about porn is not paying any bills. We do receive a small commission whenever someone follows one of our links and decides to buy a gay porn membership. Since we’re not directly working for any company, I guess that makes us an independent porn reseller.

Please consider joining a gay porn site through one of our links. It won’t cost you anything extra (in most cases you’ll actually save money, because of the discounts we’re allowed to offer). The commissions we’re earning allow us to continue with this site.

Also, paying for porn supports everyone who is involved in making porn, such as your favorite gay porn stars. Without paying customers, there wouldn’t be any more new porn.


Thank you so much for being a Queer Fever reader!

Dennis, David & Mike