Harold Lopez & Rudy Gram tag-team Brian Bonds in “Take Him To Pound Town” (scene 3)

The third scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Take Him To Pound Town” is a hot threeway starring Harold Lopez, Rudy Gram, and Brian Bonds.

Lucas Entertainment

Brian is a beefy and butch muscle bear, and his strong ass cheeks sure can take a dick deep in the ass. Harold Lopez and Rudy Gram are well aware of this fact, so they invite him over for a light breakfast.

None of them want to eat anything heavy, because all the meat on the menu is between the legs of Rudy and Harold, and between the strong ass cheeks of Brian’s behind.

Before you know it, the idea of breakfast is a thought of the past. Instead, Brian Bonds is taking dick down his throat and up his ass, courtesy of Rudy and Harold!

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Watch Harold and Rudy tag-team Brian Bonds

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Harold Lopez & Rudy Gram tag-team Brian Bonds



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