Romeo Davis and Chris Damned fuck Beau Butler in “Guilty As Sin” (scene 5)

The fifth and final scene from Raging Stallion’s “Guilty As Sin” is a hot threesome starring Romeo Davis, Chris Damned, and Beau Butler.

Raging Stallion

Owen James (played by Beau Butler) thinks he has the family’s billion-dollar tech business in the palm of his hand. However, that all goes out the window when his identical twin brother walks in with some surprise documents that wreck his entire plan.

Ruined, Beau Butler can’t even leave the conference room without company bodyguards Romeo Davis and Chris Damned taking him down to pound him at both ends.

Chris takes charge of the failed businessman’s open mouth as Romeo rims and manhandles his hairy ass. With a tie wrapped around his neck and the windows wide open for the city to see, Beau yells onto Chris’ cock as Romeo’s girthy dick drives deep into his hole.

The two men rotate between the bottom’s mouth and ass! They make sure that he’s always being stuffed non-stop with at least one of their engorged, bareback members.

After Beau unloads into his own hand, the two rough and rugged guards mark their territory by covering the top and bottom of Beau’s body in their thick white ropes before leaving the defeated man completely naked and alone in a conference room that he’ll never own.

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Raging Stallion


Watch Romeo Davis & Chris Damned fuck Beau Butler



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