Joey D fucks Brett Dylan’s hungry hole and empties his balls at Colby’s Crew

For their latest release, Colby’s Crew has paired up two sexy young hunks; Joey D and Brett Dylan. Joey is waiting on the court for Brett and his buddies to show up to shoot a few hoops. Brett, arriving a bit late and alone, explains that the rest of the guys bailed. So, with little time left, they get down to shooting some hoops.

Unfortunately, Colby’s Crew does no longer exist

After a while Joey announces that he needs to get going. Brett asks if he’s off to hook up with his GF and Joey’s, pretty bluntly, replies that he’s dropped her because she wouldn’t blow him. Brett laments Joey’s predicament. As Joey tanks back some water, Brett senses an opportunity and makes a move on his ball buddy. Out in the open, on the court, the boys lock lips.

Joey seems quite pleased as Brett gets down on his knees and springs lose Joey’s stiff curved cock. As Joey’s muscled body and washboard abs tilt back against a post, he is lost in the ecstatic blow job his buddy is providing. The stud wastes no time in getting his cock-sucking buddy to turn and offer up his butt for a hot tongue lashing. Brett’s hole is getting lubed up and worked up for the impending fuck.

He squirms and pants as Joey is spreading his cheeks and prodding his boy’s hole open. Joey is ready to fuck and proposes that they hit the shower. As they move inside, Joey takes his turn at his buddy’s dick, blowing Brett’s stiff tool. There’s no water running, but the heat still rises in this shower stall. Brett is just itching to get a stiff cock in his ass, and Joey is more than happy to oblige. The hungry bottom bends forward, first grasping the wall, then clasping his knees as his studly fuck buddy takes him for a ride.

Brett still needs more cock. He moves onto all fours, giving Joey even easier access to his hungry hole. As they keep shifting positions, Brett is loving every thrust he’s getting! He jacks off a load in no time, spewing his jizz across the stall. Spent, he spins around onto his knees with Joey’s cock whiskers away from his mouth. Joey then fires off his load, shooting streams of white batter all around, as his buddy plays with his emptying balls.


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