Rego Bello fucks Ace Era in “Doc I Need Your Cock!” from Pride Studios

Men Over 30 – one of the sites within the Pride Studios network – has released a hot medical-themed video, called “Doc I Need Your Cock!“. The studio has paired up Rego Bello and Ace Era. The latter one┬áhas come to Doctor Bello because he has been very sexually active recently and has noticed that the feeling in his ass is not as great as it once was and he is concerned.

Doctor Bello begins an exam of his ass and when inserting a finger, Ace indicates he cannot feel it. So, Doctor Bello inserts two fingers and Ace says he can feel a little pressure. While doing the exam we see that Rego is hard in his pants and Ace begins playing with his cock by rubbing his foot on the outside of his pants.

He then turns around and has the Doctor reveal his cock and he starts deep-throating the beautiful thick uncut cock. Rego then turns his attention back to Ace’s ass and he rims him getting it very wet. He then fucks Ace deep and hard on the exam table until the bottom explodes with cum and the so does Docto Bello. Very hot!

Watch Ace Era take his doctor’s cock at Pride Studios


Watch Rego Bello fuck Ace Era in “Doc I Need Your Cock!” from Pride Studios


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