Liam Emerson and blond newbie Luca Beckham flip-fuck at CockyBoys

Young Canadian hunk Liam Emerson started his porn career with Squirtz back in 2013. He then moved on to VideoBoys and also did a scene for CockyBoys. Now – a couple of years later – Liam is back and they have paired him up with blond newcomer Luca Beckham. Bystanders watching Liam and Luca in the park might assume the hand-holding pair are boyfriends, given their loving smiles and total attention to each other.

If they saw them later behind closed doors they would be sure. Inside on a spiral staircase Liam and Luca can’t get enough kissing, their lips locked even as they undress each other. But, once Liam finally gets Luca’s underwear off, he’s totally focused on thoroughly sucking every inch of Luca’s incredibly hard, sword-like cock as he lies on the stairs.

Liam devotes the same attention on Luca’s hole when he turns him around and licks, tongue-fucks and prods him. Liam drives Luca nuts, making him moan with pleasure and then come right out and say, “I want you to fuck me.” Scant seconds later they pull off their remaining clothes and, after a little cock-to-hole teasing, Liam slides in his cock.

He takes it show, then deep with an increasing momentum of thrusts, then a full-on pounding. Liam slows it down to to kiss Luca passionately again and allow then to shift positions. Soon Luca is sliding up and down on Liam’s cock slowly but soon with more speed, depth and intensity, heading to the edge. However when their lips and eyes meet once again, Liam whispers that he wants to be fucked! And so, using the versatile properties of the staircase, Liam positions himself for a deep-ass pounding.

He gets it but soon Luca takes him up the stairs for a tamer missionary style fuck on the bed. Both guys having edged themselves previously it doesn’t take long for Luca to fuck a creamy load out of Liam and shortly thereafter shoot a long-lasting volley of cum over him. As they kiss Luca, a man of few words, whispers succinctly, “God, that was good”.

Watch Liam Emerson and Luca Beckham flip-fuck at CockyBoys


Watch Liam Emerson and Luca Beckham fuck each other at CockyBoys


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