Real-life boyfriends Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox fuck at CockyBoys

CockyBoys has released a passionate video starring real-life boyfriends Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox.¬†Physically, they make for one extremely hot couple — they’re both clean-cut, everyday kind of guys who take care of themselves and each other. They both have great bodies with smooth, bulging muscles and nicely hung, thick cut cocks.

They first started making out delicately and sensually, with Mickey slowly pulling out Colby’s dick and teasing the head with his tongue. He then went in for a deeper, more intense blowjob — Colby was moaning in no time!

Colby flipped Mickey on all fours and rimmed him, and that’s when it became clear that Colby reigns as the top in this relationship. After sucking off Mickey’s equally impressive hard-on, Colby slid into Mickey’s hole slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Every kiss, thrust, and moan flowed in the kind of perfect rhythm only well-practiced partners can make.

Things really started heating up so Colby let Mickey ride him both forwards and backwards before Mickey exploded on Colby’s torso. But for Colby’s grand finale, Mickey positioned himself on all fours so Colby could jack-hammer him doggy-style and then shoot an impressive load on his back.

Watch Colby and Mickey in the free video trailer

Watch Colby Chambers fucking Mickey Knox at CockyBoys


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