Osiris Blade and Geoff Gregorio flip-fuck in “Warehouse Hookup” part one from Pride Studios

Pride Studios has released the first part from “Warehouse Hookup”. Sexy hunks Osiris Blade and Geoff Gregorio found each other online, but neither one of them could host. They meet in a sketchy dirty warehouse for some hot flip-fuck action. Geoff pulls out Osiris’s long fat dick and Geoff can’t believe how beautifully big this cock is.

He takes care of every inch with his tongue licking the shaft from the base of the balls to the tip of the cock back and forth as well as deep throating it. Osiris is hard as a rock and extremely turned on. Geoff’s dick needs some attention too so Osiris repays the favor and his eye light up once he sees how big Geoff’s dick is. Lots of dick in this warehouse and two sweet asses that will get plowed with them sexy cocks.

Geoff wants to fuck that bubble ass first so he puts a condom on and slowly pushes into the tight smooth ass pushing as his cock pulsates into Osiris. It’s so tight Geoff can’t pump fast enough and has to fuck him slowly in and out from behind. You can see Osiris’s big hard cock flopping around as he is being fucked.

Just about to cum Geoff pulls out and wants to feel Osiris’s big dick inside of him when he does release his load. Osiris fucks him on the tire with slow long stokes which Geoff can see every inch going deep inside of him. He’s watching that dick and finally his ass tightens and he shoots his load all over the place leaving Osiris to do the same but he fucks Geoff’s face and leaves him with a mouthful.

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Watch Osiris Blade and Geoff Gregorio flip-fuck at Pride Studios

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