Fit recruit Johnny raw-fucks Jake Grey’s tight hole at Active Duty

Talk about a sexy duo who know all the right moves! This is Jake Grey and Johnny, and they’re hooking up with each other for the first time, but these two have already dipped their toes in the water here at Active Duty. After some quick chit chat with Claude, they take off their shirts and jeans, and get their meat stiffened up for a good time underneath their underwear.

Johnny pulls out his cock first and Jake is happy to wrap his mouth around it. Wow, can Jake suck! He really goes to town on that hard dick. Jake’s dick is just gorgeous and Johnny seems happy to do some good, thorough work on it.

After a little sucking, Johnny is fired up and ready to fuck that tight, tender hole on Jake. He bends him over the edge of the bed and slides his firm meat into that waiting, eager ass. Johnny moves around to the side of the bed and Jake lays on his side to take more of Johnny’s hard cock.

Claude does an excellent job of moving around the guys so we can see Johnny’s cute, bubbly ass pumping away and Jake’s face while he endures a solid banging. Next Jake goes to his back so he can look at Johnny as he has his hole stretched. I really enjoy the angle from underneath here. That ass on Jake is one for the books.

Watch Johnny raw-fuck Jake Grey’s tight hole at Active Duty


Watch Johnny raw-fuck Jake Grey’s tight hole at Active Duty


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