Myles Landon fucks Bruno Bernal in “Dicklicious” part two from Raging Stallion

The second scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Dicklicious” has been released and it’s a hot one. Tattooed Bruno Bernal lifts his chin to kiss towering Myles Landon. A light dusting of hair stretches across Bruno’s bulging pecs, and his abs ripple as he kneels. Myles is a smooth, muscled bodybuilder; his nips are erect and his massive cock twitches with anticipation. Long tendrils of spit form as Bruno gives Myles a slobbering, slurping blowjob.

Myles uses a hand on the back of Bruno’s neck to guide his throat down on that hard dick. Taking charge of Bruno’s ass, Myles spreads Bruno’s cheeks and lubes up Bruno’s hole with a rim job. Bruno sits down on Myles’ huge cock, struggling to accommodate the girth, but finally sliding it all the way in. With Bruno’s cock bouncing, Myles pummels Bruno’s ass with all his might.

Lying on his side, Bruno raises a leg up in the air and Myles pushes his cock into Bruno’s stretched hole missionary style. Sinking to his knees once again, Bruno orally services Myles’ cock while stroking his own meat. Myles blasts his cum in Bruno’s face, and Bruno sprays his load on Myles’ dick.

Watch Myles Landon fuck Bruno Bernal in “Dicklicious” part two


Watch Myles Landon fuck Bruno Bernal in “Dicklicious” part two

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