Men At Play: Dario Beck gets fucked by his boss Denis Vega

This week, Men At Play brings together two hot and horny men; Dario Beck and Denis Vega. Sexy Dario has been caught yet again sleeping on the job and his boss Denis has finally reached his breaking point. He orders Dario Beck to pack his shit and get out, but Dario has other plans.

Knowing that his boss has always had a soft spot and a hard cock for him in the past, Dario offers to smooth things over like he always has. This time, however, Denis Vega wants a little more than some extra-curricular office play. If Dario wants to save his ass, then he needs to offer his ass and that’s exactly what he does. This is an apology that Denis won’t soon forget.

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Watch Denis Vega fuck Dario Beck’s inviting hole at Men At Play


Men At Play

Watch Dario Beck bottom for his horny boss Denis Vega


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