CockyBoys: Alam Wernik bottoms for Chris Loan and enjoys his uncut cock

Today’s release from CockyBoys is a hot bareback video in which Alam Wernik bottoms for Chris Loan. “One kiss changes everything” So says Alam when he kisses Chris and their mutual attraction becomes a hot connection in this condom-free scene. Their kisses trigger Alam to suck Chris’ fat uncut cock with wildly uninhibited lust. And this lust grows even stronger when he watches himself in the mirror and Chris spanks his gyrating bubble butt.

Even when Alam Wernik sits on Chris’ rock hard abs and feeds him cock he can’t keep his hands off Chris’ hard-on. He guides the raw cock into his whole and watches himself ride it. Chris is triggered too and soon thrusts up into an increasingly vocal Alan like a piston. A slight shift in position doesn’t slow them down but soon Chris Loan wants to eat Alam’s tasty ass.

Once Chris gets his smooth ass primed he pounds Alam from behind, hard and deep and with high levels of passionate energy of which Alam can’t get enough. After briefly making out Alam lies back and gets one last pounding from Chris who keeps going until he makes him cum loudly. Chris soon pumps out a huge load all over Alam’s hole and thighs. Of course they kiss..and still look like they could go again!

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