Hairy stud Edji Da Silva returns to Lucas Entertainment in “Gentlemen 25: Edji’s The Boss”

It’s been a little over 5 years since Edji Da Silva last appeared in a Lucas Entertainment movie. Good news! The hairy Arab stud is back and gets his ass fucked by Ben Batemen and Andre Donovan. “Gentlemen 25: Edji’s The Boss” is Lucas Entertainment’s latest movie and contains four bareback videos, of which two have already been released. The remaining two scenes will be added to the members area within the next 7 days.

Release schedule:

  • Scene 1: 1st of March, 2019
  • Scene 2: 3rd of March, 2019
  • Scene 3: 8th of March, 2019
  • Scene 4: 11th of March, 2019

In Gentlemen 25, where Edji’s The Boss, the Lucas Men work extra long and hard after the office closes! First, Edji Da Silva trains his new employee, Ben Batemen, how to please his bottoming needs. Later, Edji teams up and has bareback sex with his business partner Andre Donovan, all while the intern Dakota Payne sits by and watches. Andre returns later with Manuel Skye to double-penetrate Ian Greene. And Andrey Vic exerts his executive authority over Braxton Boyd.

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Scene 1: Ben Batemen fucks his boss Edji Da Silva


It’s been five years since Edji Da Silva has been on the Lucas Entertainment set, and he’s returning for his first ever bareback scene with the studio. Edji’s very much the boss in this gay bareback encounter. He is making his white-collar employee, Ben Batemen, work overtime at the office. It has nothing to do with business, though. It’s all about fulfilling Edji’s needs to have raw cock up his ass! Ben jumps at the chance to fuck his gorgeous Arab of a boss until they both shoot their loads!


Scene 2: Andre Donovan and Manuel Skye double-fuck Ian Greene


Manuel Skye and Andre Donovan are two top-level executives working at Edji Da Silva’s company. They both take charge at work and after hours when they exploit their power over their subordinates. Ian Greene has always had a thing for both guys, but he never knew what would be in store for him when he stayed late for a special performance review. Manuel and Andre do not hold back on the guy; they double-fuck his ass, fist his hole, and leave him with a rosebud he won’t soon forget. And that’s how you earn a promotion at Edji’s company.


Scene 3: Andrey Vic and Braxton Boyd fuck each other


When Andrey Vic and Braxton Boyd first started working with each other at the office, it was casual. But as they got to know one another more and more, the attraction was undeniable. Braxton is tall and slender, and Andrey is thick with muscle. One day when no one else is around, they finally let go of their inhibitions and pull down their pants for some bareback play. They two studs don’t even fully undress from their business attire before hopping on each other’s cocks for a bareback ride!


Scene 4: Dakota Payne watches Andre Donovan fuck Edji Da Silva


The young intern Dakota Payne is called in on a weekend for a special assignment from his supervisor, Andre Donovan. But he never imagined it would be to witness the big boss in charge, Edji Da Silva, taking on a sexually submissive role by riding Andre’s cock. If Edji wants to get his ass fucked long and hard by big black cock – totally bareback – then that’s what the boss is going to get, all while Dakota watches on!

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