Josh Bensan fucks Ricky Boxer in Helix Studios’ “Waiting Room Fantasy”

Helix Studios has released a hot new scene featuring Josh Bensan and Ricky Boxer. The scene is called “Waiting Room Fantasy” and was released on April 21st.

An office waiting room can be a mind-numbingly dull place. There’s nothing to do but read old magazine articles, stare at the wall, or — if you’re lucky — eye-fuck the hot boy that just took a seat across from you. The sight of Ricky is a welcome distraction from Josh’s current level of boredom.

He immediately sends seductive glances in the direction of the tempting young twink. Before long, Josh’s mind beings to drift as he imagines freeing his own growing, hard cock from the confines of his jeans and plowing this sexy stranger’s tight little hole from every imaginable angle, right there in the waiting room.

Watch Josh Bensan and Ricky Boxer in the hardcore video trailer
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Josh Bensan fucks Ricky Boxer

JOsh Bensan fucks Ricky Boxer

Josh Bensan fucks Ricky Boxer

See Josh Bensan and Ricky Boxer fucking at Helix Studios


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