Vincent O’Reilly bottoms for Jack Hunter and takes his oversized cock at CockyBoys

The latest CockyBoys release brings two hot hunks together; Vincent O’Reilly and Jack Hunter. When Vincent models for photographer Jack, he can barely conceal his attraction to him. Yet, as much as he flirts with him, Jack remains a professional. That is until Vincent loses concentration and gets rock hard when he gets a look at Vincent’s mouth-watering ass stretching out his underwear.

He suspends the photo-session and professionalism goes out the window as they kiss deeply. After considerable kissing Vincent goes down on Jack, savoring as much as he can with wide-mouthed ambition. As much as Jack loves the attention he wants Vincent’s incredible work-stopping ass. He bends him over and buries his face in his deep crack, eating his ass and sucking his cock.


Soon Jack takes them to a well-lit window where Vincent can go back to sucking him and Jack can take pics of the action. When he’s got enough to commemorate this hookup Jack tongue lubes Vincent’s hole again and fucks him deep. Changing locations Jack puts Vincent on his back on a cabinet to fuck him even deeper… and Vincent makes him to do it harder. Jack takes nude photos of his model before resuming fucking on the sofa.

Here Vincent’s ass dominates Jack’s cock as he rides on top of him every which way he can before Jack resumes control. He pounds Vincent on his back until he can’t hold back any more and cums over himself. In turn Jack kneels over him and gives him a juicy facial. And for one last time Jack grabs his camera to snap a pic of Vincent’s face…and the art they created together.

Watch Vincent O’Reilly bottom for Jack Hunter at CockyBoys


Watch Vincent O’Reilly and Jack Hunter suck and fuck at CockyBoys


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