Adam Ramzi gets fucked by Dakota Rivers in “LA Cruising” part 4 from Titan Men

For the fourth scene from their “LA Cruising” movie, the guys from Titan Men have paired up two horny and masculine men; Dakota Rivers and Adam Ramzi. Tall Dakota Rivers brushes shoulders with Adam Ramzi on the sidewalk – their kisses building in intensity once inside. Dakota strokes his big cock as he slurps Adam’s uncut rod.

Adam moans “Fuck yeah!” as he looks at Dakota’s dick, wrapping his bearded lips around it. Dakota sucks him back, feasting on Adam’s furry abs as his pecs get dick whipped. Adam bends over as his hole gets munched and fucked.

The hairy bottom sits down on the top, who wraps his arms around him as his boner bounces (“Fucking hot!”). Adam coats himself as he gets rammed on his back, moaning “I want your load!” as Dakota fires a rocket all over the bottom’s face, hair and chest!

Watch Dakota Rivers plow Adam Ramzi’s ass at Titan Men


Watch Adam Ramzi take Dakota Rivers’ big cock in “LA Cruising” part 4


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