Titus gets fucked by Jay, Leon Lewis and a boxing buddy in “Boxer Beatdown”

This Dick Dorm threesome (or is it a foursome?) is called “Boxer Beatdown” and shows us bottom boy Titus taking big cocks from both ends.

Leon Lewis, Jay, and Titus came up with an ingenious way to push their fantasies to a new level: attaching a massive dildo to a boxing dummy, and looking at Titus’ face, it’s definitely doing the job. However, this experiment gets overshadowed when Jay and Leon start taking turns deep-dicking Titus. The rest is a hot and sweaty fuckfest you’ll definitely get off to.

Watch Titus take big cocks from both ends in the full-length video

Reality Dudes


Watch Titus taking big cocks from both ends in “Boxer Beatdown” from Reality Dudes


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