Evan Parker fucks newbie Leo Frost in “Irresistible” from Helix Studios

Two weeks ago, Helix Studios introduced us to a cute young twink, called Leo Frost. The newbie got his ass fucked by Cameron Parks in his debut scene. Now he’s back for more cock…. Evan Parker‘s cock to be precise.¬†Unable to control their carnal desires, Evan Parker slams Leo Frost up against the wall the minute they open the door and get in the house!

Horny as hell with hard cocks pressing against their zippers, the guys kiss every available inch of each other as they rip clothes off, anxious to get at the goods. Evan has been working out and it shows! Leo shows his appreciation for all his guy’s good work by working hard on his cock. Leo licks and sucks while worshipping on his knees before Evan pulls him up so he can go down! Evan sucks the kid’s cock with deep throat gusto, gobbling every inch then spinning Leo around to kiss his ass.

Irresistible from Helix Studios

He smacks the boy on the butt then unleashes holy hell on the the kid’s hole by slamming every throbbing inch inside till slapping sounds fill the air. Standing with one hand bracing himself against the wall, Leo looks back as Evan bangs his bubble hard as hell as he requested. Realizing they still haven’t made it past the foyer, Evan plants his well worked out body onto the couch while Leo climbs onto his cock for a ride. Evan jackhammers Leo’s ass, then lifts the kid up off the couch without missing a beat!

Fuck machine Evan just continues stuffing Leo like a Thanksgiving turkey as the dirty blond bottom strokes his hard cock, which is about to blow. Evan picks up the pace causing Leo’s load to explode. The camera catches the cum geyser from the side as blast after blast arch in huge spurts from Leo’s loins. Evan pulls out and unleashes his pleasure protein like a white hot waterfall on top of Leo. The sweaty pair kiss, exhausted from a fuck-tastic workout.

Watch Evan Parker plow Leo Forst in “Irresistible” from Helix Studios


Watch Leo Frost take a deep pounding from Evan Parker at Helix Studios


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