Jacen Zhu fucks Troy Accola in “Before The Afterglow” part two from CockyBoys

The latest release from CockyBoys brings together hung top Jacen Zhu and sexy bottom boy Troy Accola. This is the second scene from their “Before The Afterglow” series. In case you’ve missed the first part or want to refresh your memory, check out this post.

Alone or with a partner, Troy really gets into foreplay and likes to use a mirror to heighten what he describes as the “hot heaviness” of it all. Fortunately he’s with Jacen who has a gift for intuitive foreplay. Jacen kisses his way down from Troy’s lips to his torso and to his taint, one of his major trigger spots. Skillfully working Troy’s underwear up Jacen sensually makes out with his smooth hole concentrates his attention here.

Troy can’t wait anymore and slips his cock out to play with it and tempt Jacen.┬áJacen gives Troy what he wants with some tantalizing cocksucking but returns to rimming him, pulling off his briefs and turning him over to bury his.face in Troy’s crack. This deep rimming, coupled being able to watch it happen in the mirror drives Troy crazy with desire and this triggers Jacen’s drive to be inside him.


At first going slow and continuing to neck with him, Jacen is soon plunging in deep and finding the ultimate spot inside Troy. As much as Troy wants to cum Jacen tells him to hold off a little longer.┬áJacen pumps into Troy on his back and they’re totally joined with their eyes riveted on each other and kissing passionately. Jacen fucks him hard and deep and while still inside him pulls Troy forward to ride his cock.

Troy bounces up and down on Jacen whose eyes roll back in his head from the pleasure. There’s no stopping Troy now as he shoots a major load over Jacen’s chest and abs. Jacen sits back to finish himself off but Troy is right there to help make in happen. He sucks his nipples and cock and brings Jacen over the edge to pump out a huge load..most of it a facial for Troy. Pleasure from beginning to end.

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