Calvin Banks fucks Ben Masters in “Before The Afterglow” part one from CockyBoys

CockyBoys has released the first scene from a brand new feature series, called “Before The Afterglow“. For this scene, the studio has paired up Calvin Banks and new CB exclusive Ben Masters. This brand new series celebrates the special intimate interactions that you have with that special partner and being vocal about what pleases you.

Ben is welcomed to CockyBoys by Calvin who shares his thoughts on the often-overlooked importance of foreplay… and gets to experience some of it from Ben. Ben is literally a cock teaser who plays with Calvin’s boner through the material of his shorts and suck the tip of the head through a tear in the material. Calvin’s approach is long, passionate kissing on the lips and body and finding those special places on Ben’s body, including the warm crevice of his exposed ass.


Ben responds in kind and though tempted by Calvin’s hard cock he kisses his body first. And, when his mouth works its way down his torso Ben purposely sucks on Calvin’s low-hanging balls first. Even with Calvin’s cock in his grasp Ben just sucks the tip and licks the length of the shaft to inflame his desire.

Ben gets nearly the same treatment but Calvin goes the extra step of taking his growing cock into his throat. Calvin reserves his most intense foreplay for Ben’s ass. As Ben lies back Calvin’s lips and tongue, followed by his fingers and cock mercilessly tease Ben’s hole. And, as Calvin humps his crack Ben finally begs for the real deal. He gets it too with Calvin taking it slow and giving him a chance to get used to it.

With his cock still inside his hole Calvin picks up Ben and turns him around to let him ride his cock every which way. But, Ben wants Calvin on top of him and they move to the bed. While on his stomach Ben gets a little more of teasing foreplay to drive him wild: a slap to his perky round butt, more rimming and cock-sucking. And then Calvin pumps into Ben with such pent-up desire that he has to pull out and cum first, explosions of cum splattering all over Ben. Soon after Ben shoots over himself and the euphoric duo lie together, both happy that Ben has arrived at CockyBoys.

Watch Calvin Banks and Ben Masters in “Before The Afterglow” part one

Ben Masters and Calvin Banks


Watch Ben Masters bottom for Calvin Banks in his CockyBoys debut


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