Romero Santos takes Marlone Starr’s big cock in “Horny House Rules” from Next Door World

Hot and hung studs Marlone Starr and Romero Santos are boyfriends who like to fuck… a lot. In fact, anytime they go out on the town, they simply must get freaky. While Marlone sits reading and relaxing on the living room couch, Romero comes in to see if Marlone wants to hit the local watering hole. And that means it’s time for some sweet, sexual action. This hot Next Door World release starts when Romero begins by tenderly smooching Marlone’s fat hog of a cock.

Marlone’s big dick starts fattening up and Romero enjoys some deep sucking. Marlone bends down and kisses his man, tasting his own precum. Then Romero’s hard cock comes out to play and Marlone takes it into his mouth, letting it slide all the way down his throat a few times. Romero becomes hungry for Marlone’s tight hole, so Marlone bends over on the couch and gives him great access. After some hit licking, Marlone is ready to pound Romero’s ass. He bends him over the arm of the couch and fucks him nice and hard, just like how he knows Romero enjoys it.

They switch things up so Romero can take more punishment while on his back. Watch Romero’s huge cock pummel his sexy man’s sweet bottom as Romero jacks his throbbing dick in an ecstatic frenzy. It’s two horny boys, doing what they enjoy most, just another night together, but this one will go down as one of the hottest!

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Watch Romero Santos takes Marlone Starr’s big cock at Next Door World


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