Inked hunk Brian Michaels fucks Aston Springs in “Game On” part two from

Gay porn mega site has released the second scene from their “Game On” mini-series. Up next in the sex games competition is Brian Michaels with returning loser Aston Springs, who is up for another challenge. It looks like Aston has to step up his game, cause he loses again and has to bottom for Brian. Perhaps he just loves the D too much and actually wants to lose?

After a game of beach volleyball, the guys hit the shower and get right to business. Brian rims Aston’s hole and then fucks him from behind. Once out of the shower, Brian sucks Aston’s dick before he continues to slam his cock deep into the sexy bottom. He fucks him in various positions and eventually just fucks the cum right out of him. Only a few moments later, he adds his own cum load to the mess on Aston’s body.

Watch Brian Michaels fuck Aston Springs in “Game On” part two

Game On part two


Watch Brian Michaels fuck the cum out of Aston Springs in “Game On” part two


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