Doctor Bennett Anthony gets fucked by Jaxton Wheeler in “I Need to be Examined”

The latest release from the Pride Studios network is called “I Need to be Examined“. Hairy stud Jaxton Wheeler goes to see his hot ginger doctor Bennett Anthony and ends up probing his ass.¬†Jaxton has come to Dr. Anthony because he has injured his hand again from punching a wall.

He also indicated he might have a groin injury from doing deep squats at the gym and asks for that to be examined as well. Dr. Anthony starts to do a routine hernia exam on Jaxton and then things take a turn when he starts rubbing Jaxton’s cock. He then starts sucking Jaxton’s big hard cock for a while. Dr. Anthony undresses and climbs on the exam table and Jaxton rims his ass. Jaxton then picks up the reflex hammer and uses it on Dr. Anthony’s eager hole. He then fucks him on the exam table until they both cum.

Watch Bennett Anthony and Jaxton Wheeler fuck in the full-length video

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Watch Bennett Anthony and Jaxton Wheeler fuck at Pride Studios


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