Colby Knox: Mickey Knox & Colby Chambers fuck Grayson Lange in “Gotta Love Grayson”

You just “Gotta Love Grayson” – and so do boyfriends Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers in this hot Colby Knox threesome.¬†Grayson Lange fits in perfectly with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. Little Grayson gets the night started as he sucks on Mickey and Colby’s cocks back and forth until they are rock hard and dripping with precum…

Mickey pleads with Colby to let him go first, which highlights his excitement, as Mickey usually likes to be a spectator in the early stages of the show. Mickey Knox is so eager and he slams his cock balls deep inside Grayson’s tight hole. After thrusting his cock in and out of Grayson for nearly 5 mins Colby can’t wait any longer. He positions Grayson on top of his hard dick and starts to plow away.

Colby Knox

Grayson Lange bounces up and down on Colby’s cock like he is playing with a new toy. Colby Chambers then flips the twink over for some missionary fucking that gets everybody worked up into a sweat. Once Colby pins him firmly to the bed, it’s only a matter of time before the studly top lets out his signature growl and climaxes while deep inside of Grayson’s ass.

Grayson looks up at Colby as he plows his way to an epic orgasm. After some more ass-pounding, Colby finally lets loose and explodes all over Grayson’s ass. Mickey is so turned on, he immediately starts licking up Colby’s Jizz. Grayson lets Mickey fuck him even harder after both watching their scene partner have such an epic finish. Mickey climes back on top, slides his cock back in and the show continues!

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Watch Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers fuck Grayson Lange at Colby Knox

Colby Knox


Watch Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers tag-team Grayson Lange



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