CockyBoys: Nico Leon returns for a hot solo in “Love Happens” (scene 4)

The fourth scene from the CockyBoys series “Love Happens” is a hot solo starring Nico Leon. Among the many changes, the radical faeries (Max Adonis & Austin Avery) have made to the schedule at the “sexual awakening” retreat run by Mindfulness Coach Brock Banksky (Brock Banks) is the addition of “Masturbation Meditation”!


Nico Leon is more than ready to try this out and put on a show for his mystery voyeur. On his way to the retreat’s secluded spot, he passes Max Adonis whose supervision merely entails putting some lube in his hand.

Nico stops at the bench to tease his voyeur by rubbing his crotch but soon leads his pursuer to a creek and a footbridge where he lies back to pleasure himself sensually.┬áNico doesn’t rush things, making sure to use auto-foreplay as he plays with his hardening cock and big balls.

He slowly strokes every inch of his cock, edging himself deliberately to make the pleasure last. But soon enough Nico reaches the point of no return and shoots a load, milking out every last drop. Nico makes the afterglow last too, enjoying every moment of his outdoor orgasm before he zips up and makes his way back to the retreat.

Watch Nico jerk off in “Love Happens” (scene 4)



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