Tex Davidson slams his big cock deep inside Jacob Durham’s ass in “LA Cruising” part 2

Titan Men has released part two from their latest movie “LA Cruising“. Director Jasun Mark has paired up masculine studs Tex Davidson and Jacob Durham. Spotting Jacob across the street, Tex gives a nod, getting motioned over by the blue-collar stud, who leads him into a building.

“Wow, man!” marvels Jacob as Tex releases his monster, which gets shoved deep down the sub’s throat. Tex slams his steel slab on the sucker’s chest, then makes him gulp it down. Tex swallows Jacob’s big dick, then feeds him again as Jacob moans “Give it to me!” They share a deep kiss as Tex grips the beefy sub’s nipples. Tex eats his ass and pounds him senseless – grabbing on to Jacob’s shirt as he slams him from behind, then turning him over (“Yeah, fuck me!”) before squirting on his bush.

Watch Tex Davidson fuck Jacob Durham at Titan Men


Watch Jacob Durham take Tex Davidson’s huge cock at Titan Men


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