Ricky Roman and Taylor Reign flip-fuck in a hot outdoor scene from CockyBoys

It’s the end of summer at CockyBoys where Ricky Roman and Taylor Reign talk about all the fun times, but also about something they didn’t get around to doing: each other! Well, they finally do… in a hot outdoor scene. They make out and instinctively their hands grope their bulging crotches.

Taylor sucks Ricky deep, enjoying his cock and balls for some time as Ricky moans with pleasure. In time Ricky wants his turn and climbs down to make out with Taylor and go down on him. He hungrily sucks Taylor. And Ricky doesn’t quit until he brings Taylor right over the edge to give him a facial and a mouthful of cum. This in turn brings Ricky to jack off over a kneeling Taylor and give him a shot of protein. It’s all good, but Taylor still wants to fuck!

The guys walk through the woods closer to the house and to an outdoor bed. Ricky returns to sucking Taylor who fingers Ricky’s hole, expressing the need to fuck him. Ricky slides down on Taylor’s pole and rides him with renewed energy and soon Taylor strokes Ricky’s hard cock. Ricky gets close but is slightly distracted by the sprinkling rain. Taylor is so fired up to fuck he doesn’t care if it’s raining.

In fact it’s his fantasy to fuck in the rain so he becomes an unleashed power top as he pounds Ricky on his back. Taylor slows it down a bit and as they kiss again he expresses his desire to get fucked.┬áRicky has an idea to keep the excitement going by standing Taylor in between two trees with Taylor’s outstretched arms holding on to the trunks. Ricky becomes the dominant top, rimming and fucking Taylor as he strokes his cock.

Ricky wants to make Taylor cum as he fucks him and his deft stroking brings him to the edge so that when Taylor takes over stroking, he almost immediately shoots a gusher that splatters on the most earth. While Taylor catches his breath he’s on his knees and getting his second facial, even bigger than the first! After he sucks up the remaining load from Ricky’s cock, they share a cummy kiss.

Watch Ricky Roman and Taylor Reign flip-fuck at CockyBoys


Watch Ricky Roman and Taylor Reign fuck outdoors

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