The hung Stax twins fuck Richard Buldger’s mouth and ass at Active Duty

Richard Buldger is the next recruit to get “Stax’ed”. The guys from Active Duty have paired him up with twin brothers Jacob Stax and Michael Stax.┬áThe brothers waste no time in getting Richard naked and stuffing their fat thick cocks down his throat. Richard is ready for the challenge and he doesn’t mind heading into friendly fire.

These brothers face fuck him deep and hard as Richard moves from one brother’s stiff cock to the next. They continue to stuff their hard cocks down Richards gaping throat as they both use their hands to spread his eager hole wide open. The brothers spit into Richard’s sexy hole as they finger him deeply. One brother uses his fingers while the other strokes Richard’s cock.

The Stax brothers have made that hole ready for their thick dicks as one of them pushes slowly deep inside Richard’s open tight hole. Richard moans intensely while gagging on the other brothers’ cock. Richard is pounded in multiple positions as the Stax brothers make a pyramid above him giving each other a glorious high-five. The balls slapping and the mouth gagging make for some amazing audio as they all get closer to their climax.

Finally, Richard can’t take it any longer and his nuts explode releasing all of his built up cum onto the sheets below him. One brother blows his sexy load all over Richard’s ass and the other lets his load blast all over the back of his head. That’s a true Stax shower!

Watch Richard Buldger bottom for the hung Stax brothers at Active Duty


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