Christian Bay and Travis Berkley flip-fuck in “Catfish Twinked” from Next Door Studios

Today’s release from Next Door Studios is called “Catfish Twinked“. It’s a hot bareback video in which Christian Bay and Travis Berkley take turns fucking each other.┬áChristian has been talking online with a bona fide stud, who professes that Christian is the apple of his eye.

However, when he enlists an investigative team to track the IP address, Christian learns that his dream stud is not who he thought it was. Travis is surprised, to say the least, when Christian and the Fake Bait team arrive at his house, and he quickly regrets reaching out to Christian, even if his crush is real. Christian is disappointed to find out the true identity of his crush, but he’s more perplexed why Travis, a good looking guy, has to go around catfishing people in the first place.

He tells Travis he never had to do that to get Christian’s attention, and leaning down to kiss him, Christian tells Travis he thinks he’s perfect. Closing the door on the Fake Bait cameras, Christian and Travis proceed to work it out between them, but what happens behind closed doors can’t stay a secret forever. The smooth boys take turns sucking and fucking each other, till they both explode and release their big loads.

Watch Christian Bay and Travis Berkley flip-fuck in “Catfish Twinked”


Watch Christian Bay and Travis Berkley fuck at Next Door Studios


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