Raging Stallion: Travis Connor, Tony D’Angelo & Edward Terrant in “Truck Loads” (scene 4)

The fourth scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Truck Loads” brings us to a truck stop restroom. That’s where Travis Connor bottoms for Tony D’Angelo and later fucks Edward Terrant.

Raging Stallion

Tony knows that he only has to give one look to Travis in this dimly lit restroom, and he’ll have the burly trucker on his knees and inhaling his cock.

Sure enough, Travis Connor goes to gag on the trucker’s hard dick before bending over the sink for Tony to rim his hole and spread open his muscular cheeks.

Tony D’Angelo uses his full strength to bareback Travis until he’s breeding the stranger and watching him push out his fresh load onto the restroom floor.

Not done himself, Travis goes to his next venture and discovers youngster Edward Terrant jerking off in a nearby stall all by himself. Wasting no time, Edward begins wrapping his lips and hole around Travis’ long cock.

The overpowering sounds of skin clapping fills up the dark public restroom as Travis blasts the insides of the truck stop whore only to pull out and admire his hot cum as it leaks out of Edward’s used hole.

ICYMI: Watch Edward bottom for Teddy Torres in the 2nd scene


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Raging Stallion


Watch Travis Connor fuck with Tony D’Angelo & Edward Terrant



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