Ben Masters gets his ass fucked by Joey Mills in “Morning Play” from Helix Studios

The latest hardcore release from Helix Studios is called “Morning Play“. It’s a hot bareback video starring sexy young jocks Joey Mills and Ben Masters.┬áRomance is in the air for fantasy boyfriends Ben Masters and Joey Mills. In a secluded cabin deep in the woods Ben wakes Joey up with his spectacularly sexy talent playing the piano.

It isn’t long before Ben puts those talented hands to use on Mills legendary mammoth member and tight twink ass. The summer sun glistens through the cabin, highlighting the perfect couple’s cock sucking skills as the tasty temperature of their raunchy romance heats up even more.

Ben butt fucks Mill’s magnificent ass with his masterful mouth before climbing on top and mounting Mill’s monster. Using every angle of their romantic cock-filled cabin to the fullest, these beautiful boys wind up covered in raw, sticky, finger licking good gorgeousness.

Watch Ben Masters ride Joey Mills’ raw cock in “Morning Play”


Watch Joey Mills fuck Ben Masters in “Morning Play” from Helix Studios


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