Dolf Dietrich pounds Derek Parker’s greedy ass in “Couples Fantasy” part 3 from Pride Studios

Pride Studios has released the third part from Couples Fantasy“. Bearded hunk Dolf Dietrich begins to fantasize about Derek Parker as hes talking with his partner. Dolf loves shower sex and has been dreaming of this moment for quite some time. Derek is lathered up in soap giving Dolf a sexy stare down as they enjoy there shower. After some intense eye contact they move in for some passionate kissing and rubbing.

Their hands explore every trained muscle and tattoo on their bodies leading up to Dolf on his knees sucking Derek’s cock. They switch back and forth sucking dick until Dolf is ready to eat that ass and pushes Derek up against the wall to spread his legs far and wide. Dolf loves a pretty tight hole as he licks and suckles on Derek’s pink ready hole. They dry off and that’s when Dolf is ready to start fucking and to fulfill his deepest desires.

Derek is pushed up against the wall as Dolf goes deep and hard feeling Derek’s ass stretch each and every time he thrusts in and out. They move to the ground to finish what they started and they both end up covered in cum yet they both want a taste so Dolf licks his and Dereks cum up and they kiss passionately.

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Watch Dolf Dietrich pound Derek Parker at Pride Studios


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