Gabriel Taurus plows Tegan Zayne’s ass in “Erect This!” part 3 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the third scene from “Erect This!“. The pressure is high to get the job done on time, so Gabriel Taurus saves time by taking a piss in a bucket. Tegan Zayne comes over to lend a helping hand. Gabriel’s overalls fall to his knees as he and Tegan make out.

Gabriel slides his tongue between Tegan’s hairy ass cheeks, then probes the hole with his thumb. Sinking to his knees, Tegan sucks Gabriel’s cock until saliva drips off his chin. Tegan bends over for Gabriel to take control.

As Gabriel slides inside, Tegan moans with pleasure. Tegan rolls onto his back, and Gabriel’s pummels him like a jackhammer. They fuck so hard, the workbench starts sliding across the floor. When he’s ready to blow his load, Gabriel stands over Tegan and shoots across his face, and Tegan cums with the taste of Gabriel’s load in his mouth.

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Watch Gabriel Taurus plows Tegan Zayne’ ass at Raging Stallion

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