Jack Andy bottoms for Bennett Anthony in “First Time with a Ginger” from Pride Studios

In this very hot scene from Pride Studios, Jack Andy has brought Bennett Anthony back to his place and admits to him that it is his first time with a ginger. The passion between the two is evident based on their kissing. Soon they are on the bed and Jack is sucking Bennett’s hard cock. Bennett then throat fucks Jack for a bit standing on the side of the bed.

Bennett then turns Jack over on all fours and starts playing with his ass. He then takes Jack’s feet, puts them together, uses his spit and starts fucking the souls of his feet. After playing with his feet for a while, he rims Jack’s ass and then fucks him doggy style.

He flips Jack onto his back and sucks his cock for a while before continuing to fuck him. Jack ends by riding Bennett’s cock for a while and then Bennett flips him back onto his back and fucks him hard until Jack shoots all over his hairy chest. Bennett pulls out and shoots his load into Jack’s open mouth.

Watch Bennett Anthony fuck Jack Andy in the full Pride Studios video

Pride Studios


Watch Jack Andy bottom for Bennett Anthony in “First Time with a Ginger”


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