Dolf Dietrich pounds Hugh Hunter in “Couples Fantasy” part 1 from Pride Studios

Pride Studios has released the first part of Couples Fantasy“. The scene starts with Hugh Hunter checking out one of the Pride sites, fantasizing about Matt Stevens, when his boyfriend Dolf Dietrich comes walking in to see what he is up too. Intrigued, Dolf and Hugh share their fantasies about Matt and Derek which ends up turning them both on.

Now they are both horned up and the sensual intimacy starts to heat up as they kiss, rub and lick each other up and down their sexy ripped bodies. These two men are tall in shape and beautifully inked up. They progress from kissing and licking to sucking each other’s cocks with passion. The moans and groans continue to get louder and louder especially when Dolf sticks his big cock into Hugh for the first time.

Hugh is extremely vocal as Dolf pounds his sweet nectar. Dolf can’t get enough of that tight smooth ass as he switches positions and has Hugh ride his cock. Riding up and down that long shaft deep into his ass Hugh can feel the build up in his balls so they flip on over until Dolf fucks the cum out of him.

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Watch Dolf Dietrich pounding Hugh Hunter at Pride Studios


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