Chase Klein uses his big cock to pound Cesar Rossi in “Instant Attraction” part 3

In the third and final installment of the Pride Studios mini-series “Instant Attraction“, we see Chase Klein walking into the Locker Room after his workout. He is sweaty and toweling himself off when Cesar Rossi walks in to get ready for his workout. He sees Chase and starts up some small talk.

He tells Chase that he hooked up with Toby on a couple occasions and that Toby was telling him about a very muscular guy he hooked up with and the description matches Chase. Chase is shy about it at first until Cesar says that Toby mentioned he had a big cock and if it was true or not? Chase says he cannot deny it and Cesar asks him to prove it.

Chase says it is not at its full potential at the moment and Cesar jumps in to see just how big it will get. As he sucks it, Chase gets hard revealing a nice 8.5 inch hard cock. They exchange blow jobs with each other before Chase says he wants to see if Cesar’s ass is as sweet as Toby’s was.

He bends Cesar over and shoves his big cock deep inside pumping slowly at first and eventually pounding faster as his balls slap back and forth. Cesar rides Chase for a few minutes before lying on his back and letting Chase fuck him balls deep. Cesar shoots a huge load with two streams hitting himself in his own mouth. Chase pulls out and shoots his own creamy load onto Cesar.

Watch Cesar Rossi take Chase Klein’s big cock at Pride Studios


Watch Chase Klein and Cesar Rossi fuck in the locker room

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