Caleb Troy fucks Mark Winters’ sweet ass in “His Sweet Proposal” from Pride Studios

The latest release from Pride Studios is called “His Sweet Proposal“. Young hunk Caleb Troy bought the ring weeks ago but hasn’t found the right time to propose until now. He is nervous as all hell and he almost decided not do it but he pushed through the butterflies and manned up. He surprises Mark Winters with a gorgeous ring as he asks him for his hand in marriage and of course Mark accepts instantly.

The two begin to passionately kiss as their hands explore each other’s bodies from head to toe. The love, intimacy and passion fills the room with so much joy as they take turns sucking each other off. Caleb slowly pushes deep into Mark feeling his tight hole wrap around his hard dick.

It’s almost like as if this is the first time they have ever had sex. The proposal has made it feel like bliss as they look into each other’s eyes kissing and fucking until Mark can’t hold back anymore and cums with Caleb’s hard dick inside of him. The emotions are running thick with these two as they crescent the moment.

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Watch Caleb Troy fucking Mark Winters’ ass at Pride Studios


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