Sean Zevran pounds Tegan Zayne in “Drive Shaft” part one from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the first scene from their new movie “Drive Shaft“. Muscled mechanic Sean Zevran is revved up by spying smokin’ coworker Tegan Zayne bent over a car with his crack hanging out. Tegan glances back at Sean and asks ‘do you like what you see?’ Sean nods and instructs Tegan to stick his fingers into his furry hole.

Tegan takes the cue and teases his hole, which gets Sean’s fluids flowing. When Sean whips out his dip-stick, Tegan immediately drops to his knees and swallows the massive uncut member. After savoring every inch of Sean’s massive cock, Tegan quickly finds himself bent over the car with Sean driving his huge member into Tegan’s backend at full speed.

They move to a workbench and Tegan’s on his back, legs spread and Sean holding them back to go full throttle and drill deep into his hole. He pounds Tegan’s hole at high speed until Tegan shoots cum all over his abs. Sean delivers a hefty load straight into Tegan’s mouth.

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Watch Sean Zevran pounding Tegan Zayne at Raging Stallion

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