Hung top Max Sargent fucks power bottom Matt Stevens at Pride Studios

Pride Studios has released a very hot scene, called “The Right Job for His Tool“ starring  Max Sargent and Matt Stevens. Matt’s been on the job site for weeks now building these new condos. He’s the hardest worker on the crew and never stops for breaks. Max sees the hard work he’s been putting in so he tells Matt that the higher ups think he’s doing a great job and to keep up the hard work.

Matt is very thankful for the praise but Max is bummed out and Matt can see it on his face. Max tells him that his wife can’t take his big dick so he hasn’t been getting laid at all and his balls are full of juicy cum. Max doesn’t know where to turn so he confides in Matt who totally understands and wants Max to know that if he can help out he will. Well Max think he can help so the two start to kiss passionately. They’ve checked each other out before on the job site.

Matt wants to see just how big this cock really is and pulls down Max’s pants and man that is a thick veiny cock. He can’t believe his eyes but his mouth is wet and ready for some juicy man meat. Max fucks his face seeing just how well his eager mouth can take it and Matt doesn’t disappoint. Passing the first test Max bends that sweet ass over the work bench and slowly goes balls deep into Matt.

His sweet hole opens right up and Max can’t recall the last time someone could take his dick the way Matt is. Feeling the connection Max goes hard and deep testing out every inch of Matt hoping he can take it for more than just a few minutes. Matt shocks Max with his bottoming skills and hot steamy sex ensues.

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Watch Max Sargent pounding Matt Stevens at Pride Studios


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