Sexy muscle hunks Dante Martin and Joey Moriarty in “My Wife’s Gay Brother”

Joey Moriarty stumbles into his living room in “My Wife’s Gay Brother” from Next Door World, and he finds his wife’s brother Dante Martin doing some summer cleaning. Dante, never the shy one, dusts in his skivvies as he listens to his headphones, shaking his sexy tight ass as he goes along. Joey stops short when he sees Dante dancing on a table, and decides to watch his brother in law and see what ┬áhe’s got.

To his surprise, Dante is actually quite the dancer, so when he turns around and catches Joey spying on him, Joey quickly shifts the conversation away from perving out on his family to Dante’s prowess as a dancer, asking him for a few pointers or tips on the dance floor. Dante obliges, and guides Joey through some basic steps, grabbing his less coordinated hips and personally moving them himself.

Dante’s hard on brushes up against Joey’s back, and as Joey notices, he seems a little taken aback but not necessarily all the way put off, so Dante uses the opportunity to explore Joey’s intentions, and whether or not he’d be willing to learn a few more choice moves. Seconds later, Dante and Joey are locked in a kiss, shedding layers of clothing and making their way to the sofa, where Dante rips off Joey’s shorts and begins to suck him off, his own underwear half pulled off him as he gags on Joey’s straight hard dick….

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