Gabriel Cross gets fucked by Francois Sagat in “Elixir” part three

The third scene from the mini-series “Elixir” brings together muscle jock Gabriel Cross and hairy Frenchman Francois Sagat. The members have rewarded this scene with a 91% score, so make sure to check it out.

Gabriel wishes to be young again so he can be with Francois. The elixir turns back time for one but speeds it up for another. Will they end up together? Watch the two hotties take turns sucking each other’s dicks, before Francois works Gabriel’s ass with his tongue and then fuck him in various positions.

Watch Francois Sagat and Gabriel Cross fuck in “Elixir” part three

Gabriel Cross and Francois Sagat

Watch Francois Sagat fuck Gabriel Cross in the full-length video


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