Hung stud Boomer Banks fucks Christian Lesage in “Foreskin Mafia” part four

Raging Stallion has released the fourth part from “Foreskin Mafia“. Boss Boomer Banks is very hung. He holds incriminating photos of Christian Lesage and he’s demanding money for them, threatening to hurt him otherwise. While Christian trembles, Boomer slips a black hood over his head. By now, Christian will do anything to appease Boomer – an offer quickly taken advantage of.

Boomer yanks Christian’s clothes off and attaches clamps to his nipples. Then he taps Christian’s taint with the end of a baseball bat, eliciting a spontaneous orgasm. Then the fat end of the bat is shoved up Christian’s ass. Christian revels in the pleasure and the pressure.

It gets better when Boomer strokes his cock and stretches his foreskin. Fucking Christian’s face, Boomer’s orders him to ‘open up,’ ramming his monster cock in to the hilt. Christian’s face is covered with slobber and drool, and his ass has been primed by the bat.

Boomer delivers the final blow, fucking Christian hard and deep. After two positions, Christian blow his load all over the table and himself, and Boomer riddles Christian with bullets of cum.

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Watch Boomer Banks pounding Christian Lesage in Foreskin Mafia 4


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