Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross fuck each other raw at Lucas Entertainment

The largest New York based gay porn studio, Lucas Entertainment, has released another raw flip-fuck scene. They have paired up two very hot studs; Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross.

Something worth noticing is the six-pack Jimmie Slater has earned for himself. If you follow his Twitter you will have witnessed his progression, and seeing it flex in this scene proves his hard work at the gym has paid off. Nick is actually a very good buddy of Jimmie and it’s one of those friends you can play with if there’s nothing else to do.

In this scene, Nick is certainly enjoying Jimmie’s incredible body, but most of all the hard cock. Nick and Jimmie are completely versatile, and Jimmie is first on the list to get dicked bare. The moment of initial anal penetration is always the most enjoyable to see, and Jimmie’s facial expression is an example of why. As for Nick Cross, well, he likes to ride it like a cowboy.

Watch Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross fuck each other

See Jimmy Slater and Nick Cross raw-fucking each other in the full video


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