Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment: Sir Peter, Pol Prince & Jeffrey Lloyd in “Macho Daddy Meat” (scene 4)
Tomas Brand, Allen King & Vincent O’Reilly fuck in “Macho Daddy Meat” (scene 3)
Apolo Adrii, Roque Rems & Sergeant Miles fuck in “Macho Daddy Meat” (scene 2)
Adam Killian and Sir Peter flip-fuck in “Macho Daddy Meat” (scene 1)
Lucas Entertainment: Andrey Vic gets fucked by Apolo Adrii in “Banging & Breeding” (scene 4)
Oliver Hunt and Allen King service Adam Franco in “Banging & Breeding” (scene 3)
Lucas Entertainment: Babylon Prince & Tomas Brand flip-fuck in “Banging & Breeding” (scene 2)
Lucas Entertainment: Babylon Prince, Allen King & Jeffrey Lloyd in “Banging & Breeding” (scene 1)
Tomas Brand & Rafael Carreras double-fuck Vincent O’Reilly in “Pounded By Papi” (scene 4)
Babylon Prince, Jeffrey Lloyd, Kosta Viking & Pol Prince fuck in “Pounded By Papi” (scene 3)
Valentin Amour and Rico Marlon double-fuck Paco Rabo in “Pounded By Papi” (scene 2)
Lucas Entertainment: Rico Marlon & Tomas Brand flip-fuck in “Pounded By Papi” (scene 1)
Apolo Adrii & Roque Rems double-penetrate Steven Angel in “Bathhouse Barebacking” (sc 4)
Adam Killian, Kosta Viking & Sergeant Miles fuck in “Bathhouse Barebacking” (scene 3)
Jeffrey Lloyd, Oliver Hunt & Steven Angel fuck in “Bathhouse Barebacking” (scene 2)
Lucas Entertainment: Babylon Prince fucks Steven Angel in “Bathhouse Barebacking” (sc 1)
Paco Rabo, Andrey Vic & Rico Marlon fuck in “Bareback Auditions 17” (scene 4)
Roque Rems and Octavio fuck Valentin Amour in “Bareback Auditions 17” (scene 3)
Lucas Entertainment: Apolo Adrii tops Valentin Amour in “Bareback Auditions 17” (scene 2)