Lucas Entertainment: Jeffrey Lloyd fucks Allen King in “Take Him To Pound Town” (scene 2)

Jeffrey Lloyd dominates and fucks Allen King in the second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Take Him To Pound Town“.

Lucas Entertainment

It cannot be said enough: Jeffrey’s fat uncut cock is a true masterpiece. He’s a champion ass-fucker when he’s ready to pound a guy in the ass.

Allen King’s eyes light up when Jeffrey Lloyd unzips his pants. Allen gets a good look at exactly what Jeffrey is packing. It is a sight that never, ever disappoints.

Allen gets Jeffrey’s piece of meat good and sloppy with the drool he works up sucking on him. In turn, Jeffrey lathers up Allen’s hole, getting it ready for a prostrate pounding.

Jeffrey Loyd sinks his huge, fat uncut cock into Allen King’s tight ass and goes balls deep until he is ready to shoot his load!

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Watch Jeffrey fuck Allen at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Jeffrey Lloyd dominate and fuck Allen King



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