Tyler Hill fucks Danny Nelson’s bare boy hole in “Tyler Tops” from Helix Studios

In Helix Studios’ latest release, Danny Nelson gets his bare ass fucked by Tyler Hill. He usually bottoms, but Tyler shows us once more that he’s a truly versatile performer. The beautiful bronze boy takes to the task perfectly from the moment he enters the screen. Hill storms in forcefully, upset that his boyfriend has been sleeping all day while he’s been at work and now it’s time to settle the score by giving our golden guy some booty!

Tyler takes Danny Nelson by the neck, then works his way down to the boy’s beautifully smooth butt. Taking his top duties seriously, he probes the twink’s tight ass with his frisky fingers and darting tongue before spit shining Nelson’s knob. Tyler gets his turn at both ends. First, he face fucks the pretty boy; then, he sticks his dick in the dude’s hot ass bareback. Tyler takes to topping like a duck to water, dishing out dick to the dude’s derriere every which way.

Tyler Tops at Helix Studios

Tyler handles the kid like a pro, giving him a lil’ love choke when needed and choking the boy’s chicken for him too! It’s truly a full service sex-a-thon and even though Tyler IS topping, we still get to see that glorious pumping pipe deep into Danny. Hill’s magnificent twink muscle butt bounces as he bangs the boy and orders him around. Danny does as Tyler tells him, which gets the dynamic duo in some deliciously dirty positions.

Danny gets nailed spread eagle, dirty dogged, side fucked, even mounted like a lion and in every position, Tyler’s topping skills tear the twink’s tush to pieces! The beautiful boys lock eyes and arms, Danny throws his head back then looks down to watch his wang blow wad after wad in the air like a summertime sprinkler. Tyler whips out and tosses off all over the kid’s taint, balls and booty. Then, he shoves his still spasming schlong back inside to coat the boy’s butt with his white hot wrath.

Watch Tyler Hill fuck Danny Nelson’s bare boy hole at Helix Studios

Tyler barebacks Danny

Watch Tyler Hill fuck Danny Nelson’s bare ass in the full-length Helix video