JJ Knight licks and fucks Kyle Kash’ ass in “Between The Sheets” part 2 from Falcon Studios

Kyle Kash and JJ Knight burst through the door, racing to get naked and start fucking in the second scene from Falcon Studios‘ movie “Between The Sheets“. Kyle strips JJ bare and eagerly sucks on JJ’s thick tool. Kyle’s eye contact with JJ signals the intensity of their chemistry. JJ buries his face in Kyle’s perfect ass crack.

They 69 each other’s hard cocks, then Kyle sits down on JJ’s throbbing hard on. JJ bounces Kyle’s ass on his dick, thrusting vigorously from below, and Kyle reciprocates by raising and lowering himself on JJ’s man meat. They lock eyes and kiss before switching to doggy style; Kyle is giddy with ecstasy as JJ thrusts deep inside his manhole.

JJ’s tall, chiseled body ripples in waves as he pounds Kyle’s muscular bubble butt. Kyle can’t help grinning with the sensation of JJ’s expert fucking. The chemistry and intensity build to a massive climax as Kyle unleashes a geyser of semen that arcs through the air. Lying on his back, JJ pumps out thick ropes of cum that coat his abs.

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See JJ Knight fuck Kyle Kash’ ass in “Between The Sheets” pt 2


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