Sean Duran bottoms for Noah Donovan in “Big Cock Vacation” part two from Pride Studios

In “Big Cock Vacation” part two from Pride Studios you see Noah Donovan leading Sean Duran into his bedroom, where they find Noah’s dog hanging out on the bed. Based on their conversation we discover that Sean is Noah’s ex-boyfriend and he is going to be watching the house while Noah and Trey go on their trip to Paris.

After some talk about how many times to feed the dog and Noah telling Sean that he can use their bedroom, but he is not allowed to bring any tricks to the house. Sean begins to seduce Noah by talking about how they used to have great sex and how he misses his huge cock. The two begin kissing and soon their clothes are coming off and Sean is sucking Noah’s big cock.

Noah rims Sean’s ass while Sean sucks his cock. The two also share a nice 69 with each other. Noah fucks Sean in several positions until he cannot hold back and shoots his load all over. Noah then shoots his load into Sean’s open mouth.

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