Norse Fuckers (part 5): Tyler Berg, Sir Peter, Malik Delgaty & Felix Fox fuck

The fifth episode from the series “Norse Fuckers” is an outdoor foursome starring Tyler Berg, Sir Peter, Malik Delgaty, and Felix Fox.

Dracock the Dragon approaches, and the brave Norsemen prepare for battle. The god of thunder Thor (played by Malik Delgaty) and god of chaos Loki (played by Felix Fox) take their places at the head of the army.

Thor defeats the evil serpent with a bolt of lightning. Time to fuck! Brave soldiers Tyler Berg and Sir Peter are eager for a taste of the gods, joining them for a celebratory orgy.

Tyler takes Thor’s cock as Loki gets fucked doggy-style by Sir Peter, then the men switch. After Loki and Tyler suck Thor and Peter, it’s Loki’s turn to top.

Tyler rides his cock, while Sir Peter takes Thor’s mighty hammer before the others blow their loads on Tyler’s face!

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Watch Tyler Berg, Sir Peter, Malik Delgaty & Felix Fox fuck



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